Wilderness first aid is needed for activities in remote areas such as hiking, climbing, camping, sailing, hunting, birding or snowmobiling. Anyone living, working, traveling or just enjoying the wilderness should be prepared to manage medical emergencies. A definition of “wilderness” is a location that is 1 or more hours away from definitive medical care. Included would be remote communities, developing countries and urban areas after a disaster. Also included would be remote areas where outdoor occupations are conducted (farming, mining, commercial fishing, forestry and some construction sites).

Wilderness first aid is the immediate care given to an injured or suddenly ill person. It does not take the place of definitive medical care. It consists only of giving assistance until a more advanced level of medical care is obtained or until the chance for recovery without medical care is apparent.

Wilderness first aid has a distinct focus because:

  • Injuries and illnesses occur outdoors, often in adverse conditions that affect both victims and rescuers.

  • Definitive medical care may be delayed for hours or days by a difficult location, bad weather, and lack of transportation or communications.

  • Certain injuries and illnesses are more common in remote areas.

  • Medical care beyond urban first aid may be needed.

  • First Aid supplies and equipment are limited.

  • Difficult decisions must be made.

Designed for those who work or travel in remote locations, this comprehensive program will teach you what to look for and what to do in the event of an emergency, and direct you to the most appropriate type of care. We offer two separate courses for you to choose from: Basic Level (8 HR) and Standard Level (16HR). At the end of each course students will have to pass a written test and upon successful completion the student will receive a three (3) year certification card. This program meets the American Camp Association (ACA) guidelines.

Course Length

Basic Level - 8 Hours

Standard Level - 16 Hours

Certification Period

3 Years