The Team Conviction

The staff at Front Range CPR Tx hold a conviction to the preservation and betterment of life. We believe that through the offering of our courses we can achieve in part, a well being not otherwise achieved for the general public. Contributing to society and giving back of yourself are integral components to a healthy and happy community. What better way to help your loved ones, your community, or perfect strangers then to be able to provide educated assistance should the moment arise that their life depends on your ability to respond.


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Woodrow Tolley

A loving father and dedicated husband, Woodrow has always had a love for people. That love for people has displayed itself in countless volunteer hours to several church groups as well as various non-profit organizations geared toward assisting others in need. From a young age Woodrow has had a love of nature and the outdoors; he is an adventurer at heart and for most of his life participated in many extreme sports and outdoor activities. Since his marriage to Rebecca, his new life's passion is his family. He strives to be the best husband and father that he can while working toward an occupation that not only affords him the opportunity to spend time with his family, but one that also displays the action of being a contributing member of the community.



Rebecca Tolley

A devoted mother and loving wife, Rebecca carries a compassionate and empathetic heart. Rebecca began her tiresome career as a full time mom almost 10 years ago and has never looked back. She not only shares Woodrow's love for people and belief that giving to society should be taught to our youth by way of example, but also his love for the outdoors. Though not as adrenaline oriented as Woodrow, Rebecca loves to go camping with her family and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Rebecca's dedication to family and support of her husband is continually unfailing and she is always ready to help those in need. Rebecca is excited to be partnering with her husband in sharing the educational resources that will help people contribute to others in an emergency. She hopes that through their work, those faced with a life threatening event will have added days to enjoy with the ones they love.